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Taking the Double Gold – Twice!

We are proud to announce that Leblon Cachaça has once again won the Best Cachaça and Double Gold award at the 2012 San Francisco Global Spirits Competition!

What is even more exciting this year is that we have won two Double Gold awards: one for our Leblon Cachaça, and the other for our new Maison Leblon – Reserva Especial, a special limited edited Aged Cachaça that we recently introduced in Brazil!

We are extremely honored to receive this recognition, as we know the San Francisco Global Spirits Competition is no joke. Conducted over 3 days in March 2012, the judging is based on a blind process by a panel of spirits experts from noted restaurants and hotels, well–known spirits journalists from major media, spirits buyers for large purveyors, and spirits consultants. Leading the event judging are Anthony Dias Blue and Tony Abou-Ganim, with 34 top tasters including Patricia Richards, Audrey Saunders, Derek Brown, and H. Ehrmann. Over 1,215 products from 61 countries are evaluated, including Cachaça as its own separate category.

For Leblon Cachaça, this is our 7th consecutive year to win a Gold award, and the 6th time Leblon has won the Double Gold honors. To win a Double Gold medal, panelists must rate the product at its highest level – unanimously. And remember, this is a blind tasting! As such, this is truly a special award for anyone to receive and we are truly honored.

In addition, we received a very special honor this year by winning both the ‘Top Cachaça’ and a second ‘Double Gold’ award for a new member to our Leblon family – Maison Leblon Reserva Especial.

To say the least, ‘Reserva Especial’ is a very unique product – and we’re glad somebody has taken notice. This special distillate is aged for two years in the highest grade new Limousin French oak and expertly blended by Gilles Merlet. Like Leblon, it is single batch distilled in alambique potstills. The sensory result is different than any Cachaça you have ever tasted: a complex smooth taste with notes of Honey, Doce de Leite, and Pine Nuts. Tastes great neat, and truly spectacular with a cube of ice, some chocolate, and a Brazilian cigar.

Maison Leblon Reserva Especial is currently available only in Brazil, and will be introduced shortly in limited editions to select markets outside of Brazil (please be patient – now that we won this award, we’re trying our best to get the product to your markets as soon as possible).

We want to thank everyone who made these awards possible. Clearly, the big winners are the team at the Maison Leblon in Patos de Minas who created these wonderful products. We want to thank Gilles Merlet and Carlos Eduardo Oliveira, and we want to especially thank Helen Fonseca, our cellar master who not only managed the aging process of Reserva Especial, but also designed Reserva Especial’s label (click here to see it). Helen is a talented artist and calligrapher, and we thank her for the wonderful handcrafted design!

And of course, we again thank you, both for reading this announcement, as well as continuing to support our mission to create and enjoy truly great alambique Cachaças – a Brazilian treasure that the world is now starting to understand and enjoy.

Um abraço grande para todos,

Steve Luttmann
LEBLON® Cachaça (Brazilian Rum) Product of Brazil. Imported by Leblon USA, Manhasset, NY. Alcohol 40% by volume. Please muddle responsibly.
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